Our Chefs have crafted all dining experiences at The Mansion House to suit most preferences, tastes and cuisines.
Whether breakfast, lunch, dinner or something in between, our culinary offering has been designed
to offer you a bespoke experience that is in harmony with the time of day.

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The Poolside Cabana Cove

Celebrate the buzz of the poolside in this Cove which is a fun place offering an all day menu. – the perfect setting under palm trees for lunches, barbeques and cocktail dinners.


The West Coast Terrace

With its mesmerizing sunset view of the Sahyadris, the West Coast Terrrace is perfect for sundowners, outdoor barbeques and magical moments set under a star lit sky! Begin your coastal sojourn here with the local cuisine including a large choice of vegetarian fare and fresh catch every evening.

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The Living Room & Verandah

The Living Room and Verandah adjoining the poolside operates from noon to late evening serving a sumptuous array of all day delicacies along with a wide selection of wines, whiskeys and spirits

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The Secret-Garden

Enjoy a leisurely buffet breakfast that offers an extensive spread using local produce, with a selection of international and local specialties. A perfect start to the day in the landscape of the mansion overlooking the lake.

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